CPD23: Thing 4 – Current awareness (Twitter, RSS and Storify)

This post looks at the tools which I use to maintain current awareness.

  • Twitter:  my twitter account is @jmswallace. I would say that there are three main functions that I use on twitter:
    • Firstly, I tweet in order to interact with people who I find interesting and to express ideas and opinions (I don’t tweet as much as I would like to, something I will hopefully rectify soon).
    • Secondly, I follow professionals who have something interesting to say and organisations relevant to the UK library professions.
    • Thirdly I use lists to divide up the people who I follow to make them easier to keep track of, I have a list of people local to me so I will be aware of any events taking place and so I know what is going on generally, I also have a list of organisations. I find it helps to maintain these separate lists so I can better keep track of what is going on amid the hail of twitter chat!
  • RSS: I am a big fan of RSS, as I said in a previous post I use Google Reader to keep track of my feeds. I make copious use of folders to organise the feeds I keep track of.
    • Library news folder: this folder contains feeds for news updates such as the CILIP news feed, the Guardian library news feed, HEFCE and RIN.
    • Library blogs folder: this folder contains feeds from people blogging about librarianship such as RSC Wales, WHELF (Wales Higher Education Libraries Forum), Phil Bradley (CILIP President), and JISC.
    • New Professionals folder: as the name suggests this folder is reserved for people writing blogs concerning being a new professional in librarianship, the blogs written by the people mentioned in Thing 2 are in this folder.
  •  My main other tool for keeping up to date has to be Flipboard this is an app which brings together a variety of social tools into one place and makes them look lovely.
  • I also used to use Instapaper quite a lot but I have recently moved over to Pocket because it does pictures as well as text. Pocket/Instapaper are useful because they save reader-friendly versions of stories and articles to one place so you can access them at a later date. In addition to using Pocket I have an additional twitter account (@readlater) which I post articles to because this integrates nicely with Flipboard and I love having everything in the same place.
  • One final tool I will mention is the rather ingenious use of a Google Spreadsheet to export and backup tweets available at http://mashe.hawksey.info/2012/01/twitter-archive-tagsv3/. I have used this sheet a few times to archive conference tweets by putting in a hashtag search. It looks a little complicated but it is very useful.
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