The beginning of something new

So, the last few posts that I put on this blog were related to why you shouldn’t do a PhD. In spite of that reading I have decided to do just that.

My decision was based on feeling that a PhD was unfinished business. There are plenty of difficulties in the academic world, and these were the focus of those previous posts. However, I felt that regardless of how tough the academic world is, a PhD was something I had to undertake.

I have currently just started the second semester of my Social Science Research Methods MSc (that’ll be masters degree number 3), and it’s going really well. I have been fortunate enough to gain Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) funding for a 1+3 programme which means that I will be fully funded for my MSc training year and my PhD research.

I’m feeling lucky to be where I am at the minute and it feels great to be in a community of people who value the same things as me and are interested in having conversation and debate around important areas.

I intend to follow up on this post with more info about my studies and my research as it begins to take shape. Watch this space!

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